Dependable Dell Desktops

When you're looking for a computer that offers the special features, services, durability, and resources you need for your small business, come to the experts at PC Healthstop. We offer Dell Business Class as the option you've been searching for.

This model is the top-of-the-line solution for any small business. These computers are still compatible with Windows 7, and Dell guarantees the parts for this line even after your warranty has expired, meaning you can get the high-quality repairs and service you need even after the first year. Call PC Healthstop today at 508-875-4888 for a FREE consultation. Se habla español.

Perfect for Home or Business

The Dell Business Class from PC Healthstop isn't just perfect for your small business, but it's a great option for your personal home needs, too! Dell Business Class can be upgraded in a variety of ways to give you more hard drive space, more memory, and your choice of either Windows 7 or 8 for your operating system.

The Dell Business Class comes in either a full or slim case and comes in 2xx and 4xx lines. The 4xx line is larger and provides an improved cooling system and enhanced power supply that makes it perfect for gaming, video editing, CAD, and high-end computing.

Visit PC Healthstop today and discuss your computing needs with a member of our team. We have more than 40 years of combined experience and work to make every customer happy. Walk-in customers are always welcome, no appointment needed!
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PC Healthstop offers a 1-year warranty on all new computers and a 30-day warranty on refurbished machines.

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