Computer Recycling

Recycle Your PC

PC Healthstop offers great electronic and computer recycling, hard drive destruction, asset recovery, secure electronic recycling, and IT asset recovery services for both residential and commercial customers.

Partnering with the right recycling and recovery specialist is crucial to keeping your information safe and secure. Contact us today to set up a bi-weekly, monthly, or "as needed" recycling program. Call 508-875-4888 today for your FREE consultation.

Protect Your Sensitive Information

Proper data destruction is a vital part of keeping yourself, your business, and your consumers protected. Identity theft is a rampant problem costing millions of dollars in damages, untold hours of wasted time, and ruining reputations daily. Don't subject yourself or your customers to this frustration.

Instead, trust the professional team at PC Healthstop to take care of all your data destruction needs. We're completely dedicated to safely and securely handling your data in an eco-friendly manner. We've "gone green", implementing strategies to properly manage and reduce your e-waste.
Call 508-875-4888
for your FREE consultation

PC Healthstop offers a 1-year warranty on all new computers and a 30-day warranty on refurbished machines.

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